Automatic Ultrasonic Printhead Cleaner


For all types of industrial printheads, such as XAAR128, 126, 500, 382, Seiko SPT255, 510, 1020, Konica256, 512, and Spectra, Polaris printheads, etc...


It is a professional model, it has both the pressure cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning functions, and is suitable for many kinds of print heads, such as XAAR, SEIKO, SPECTRA, KONICA, EPSON etc. Usually it can be clean in a few minute and back to work again like usual before it was. To make printhead service life longer.

Technical Parameters:

1) Ultrasonic Frequency: 40KHz

2) Voltage of the Power supply: AC220V 50Hz

3) Input Power: P<150W

4) Types of the spray nozzle that can be cleaned: XAAR, SEIKO, SPECTRA, KONICA, EPSON etc.

User Guide:

1) SET Move the cursor, press the cursor and it will move to a new adjustable position

2) TAP Adjust the value in the cursor's position, Press the"Tap"key and the value of a adjustable position will change from the current one.

3) U (Ultrasonic) Ultrasonic control (start and adjust the duration of the ultrasonic, Every press on the button the work time of the ultrasonic will increase 1, and the range is between 00-24. When the work hours is 00, it means the ultrasonic is off, the other number means the ultrasonic is on.

4) UP Control the elevator moving up. (when the elevator move to the highest position, the button will lost its function provisionally.)

5) DOWN Control the elevator moving down. (When the elevator move to the lowest position, the button will lost its function provisionally)

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