XAAR128+ Carriage board  XAAR128+ Main board     XAAR128+ Connector    XAAR382 Carriage board

      XAAR382 Main board    Konica512 Carriage board   Konica 512 Main board      Konica512 Connector

     Polaris Carriage Board          Polaris Main Board             Polaris Connector   Control Board Encrypt Dongle

 XJ128/360 40PL Printhead       Xaar382 Printhead    Konica512/42PL Printhead   Konica512/14PL Printhead

Polaris PQ512_15/35PL Head  UltraPRINT RIP Software   PhotoPRINT RIP Software

XJ128+ Printhead Flex Cable  XJ382 Printhead Cable    KM512  Printhead Cable   PQ512 Printhead Cable
               USB cable                        Optical Fiber               20 pin flat cable(6m)               Raster Stripe
          Encoder sensor

     12V/3A Power Supply        24V10V Power Supply      28V/10A Power Supply    30V/7.5A Power Supply

    24V/1.1A Power Supply   32V/12.5A Power Supply (Polaris)

             AC Ink Pump                      DC Ink Pump                       Air Pump                       Magnetic Valve

          Sub-Ink Tank              AC adapter for AC pump           PALL Ink Filter                 Small Ink Filter

         Cobetter Ink Filter                    Air Tank

              Red Button                     Green Button             Emergency stop button              Limit switch

  Take Up&Feeding Switch        Main power switch           Purge button (Black)      Purge button (Magenta)

      Purge button (Green)       Purge button (Yellow)       Purge button (White)        Small button (Green)

        Small button (RED)     Purge button (stainless steel) Feeding&take up button   Feeding&take up button

   Outlet for Vacuum power Outlet for Computer power  Outlet for main power         Main power switch

              Fuse ( 5A)                         Fuse ( 6A)                        Fuse ( 15A)                        Fuse (2A)

               Fuse (3A)                    Solid State Relay               Relay for vacuum   Printhead heater Transformer

            Electricity Filter               Outlet with filter         Feeding & take up Sensor         Media Sensor

       Servo Motor(100W)          Servo Motor(180W)        Panasonic Servo Motor   Feeding & Take up Motor

       DCS810 Servo Driver        ACS606 Servo Driver    Panasonic Servo Driver(A5)

     Temperature Controller   Feeding & Take Out Board    4 in 1 Heater Board    Temperature sensor (0.6m)

                   Fan                              Heating wire                    Vacuum Cleaner

         Tygon tube (3*5)           Hard tube for XJ128+                Tube 3*5                          Tube 4*6

               4 in 1 tube                         8 in 1 tube         IGUS cable ( inside the chain )

         XJ128 Skate board         XJ128 Carriage plate  XJ128 Carriage plate bracket  XJ128 Printhead bracket

Block for 128 carriage plate  XJ382/KONICA Skate board Carriage plate bracket     XJ382 Carriage plate

   XJ382 Printhead bracket   XJ382 carriage plate block  Konica Carriage plate (Small) Carriage plate (Big)

      Polaris Carriage Plate           Y gear (24 tooth)              X gear (20 tooth)        Carriage long belt Wheel

       Wheel for Y feeding    Wheel for carriage long belt   Servo Motor bracket      Copper support ( Long )

   Copper support ( Middle)   Copper support (short )    Solvent Cleaning Device   Media protector for 128

 Media protector for Konica           699 Bearing                  Electric capacity                     Pinch Roller

          Pinch roller (Big)                      380 Belt                              386 Belt                            494 Belt

               IGUS Chain         Megadyne Carriage Belt (9M)

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